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Pastures of Grace

PG House Special

PG House Special

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1 Package of Pork Chops 1"

1 Leg roast

3 1lb. Packages your choice of Jalapeño Cheddar and/or Italian (these are in chubs) sausage  

Feel a bit unsure what to do with the leg roast?

Think simple crockpot or instant pot meal. Anything long and slow is a sure winner for dinner.

Brown before, add onion, orange 1/2, S & P, 3 Tbsp honey, and for extra touch add a cider beer.

We do our very best to try and have all boxes arrive at your door step rock solid but because sometimes things happen there is alway the possibility your box will arrive ready to enjoy with in the next few days.

*None of our animals are ever treated with antibiotics, they are fed only organic fruits and vegetables, and non GMO feeds. Always offered fresh water and acres of pasture. These animals were encouraged to live their best lives on the farm. We work to improve the soil with regenerative farming practices and each passing year we strive to be better than we were the year before.

**For all of our meat products it is recommended that you never quick thaw. Please, always allow this premium product to thaw in the refrigerator for the best quality and flavor.

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