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PG Fresh Italian Pork Sausage
PG Fresh Italian Pork Sausage

PG Fresh Italian Pork Sausage

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Please note: This small batch of offering was not put in a casing and is an Italian grind 1lb. packages. 

Pizza, pasta, potatoes - it all goes well. "What a wonderful surprise" is how I describe this sausage. Italian sausage actually isn't one I'd choose first but this sweet thang surprised us all. Hands down it's the farm favorite and I absolutely agree. Keeping my son from enjoying a link every morning has become the new normal around here. I mean if he eats them all we'll have none to share with all of you. You can't go wrong with this one, it truly is perfection.

**None of our animals are ever treated with antibiotics, they are fed only organic fruits and vegetables, and non GMO feeds. Always offered fresh water and acres of pasture. These animals were encouraged to live their best lives on the farm. We work to improve the soil with regenerative farming practices and each passing year we strive to be better than we were the year before.

***For all of our meat products it is recommended that you never quick thaw. Please, always allow this premium product to thaw in the refrigerator for the best quality and flavor.